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Need to hang a print fast?

Drymounting is an inexpensive way to properly display your artwork or posters, and at The Print Shop, many times it can be done "on the spot" while you wait. Drymounts are perfect for dorm rooms, cubicles, anywhere you need a light-weight piece, and just about anywhere else you can think of.
Almost anything on paper can be drymounted. Drymounting is a process in which heat and pressure are applied to a glue tissue to permanently adhere your artwork to a foamboard backing. Needless to say, if your item is sensitive to heat or has dimension that could be flattened in a press, then it is not a good candidate for drymounting. In these cases, our staff will be glad to assist you in choosing an alternative method of display.
And if you think that custom framing is in your future, don't distress! We consider drymounting to be the first step in the custom framing process for most posters, prints and photos. The Print Shop uses only acid-free materials and we take great care to wrap every piece once complete to ensure a safe ride home. So drymount it now, hang it on your wall, and if you just can't imagine living without it, frame it later to preserve your artwork for years of enjoyment.
Don't wait weeks...scurry over to The Print Shop where we can normally have your drymounting done in 10-30 minutes, hangers included!
"If Brad only knew how fast The Print Shop's drymounting services are, he would send me here every weekend..."
"If Brad only knew how fast The Print Shop's drymounting services are, he would send me here every weekend..."
Don't wait for days for drymounting. Come to The Print Shop, where we drymount your artwork "on the spot", usually in 30 minutes or less!

How much does drymounting cost?

Cost varies greatly depending on the size of the print. The average 24" x 36" standard poster size costs $22.00 to drymount, while a tiny 8" x 10" costs only $11.00. Call now to have our sales staff give you a quick quote. All you need are the measurements.

We use acid-free Fome-Cor brand foam board in 3/16" thickness for the average drymount and 1/8" for custom framing.

Can you really do it while I wait?

Sure! A 24" x 36" poster takes no more than 30 minutes to drymount, and smaller items are done in a flash. Our drymounting is handled on a first come, first serve basis, but we do our very best to meet all our customers' needs in a timely fashion. Even large orders can be done quickly, many times in a day or two.

What is your largest drymount size?

At The Print Shop, we can drymount any poster up to 48" x 96" with no problem. The difficult part is getting it home! Oversize items need more time in the press and hand trimming, so please allow for extra time. We're sure the results will be worth the wait.

What can I drymount?

  • posters
  • prints
  • kid art
  • photos
  • laminated posters or maps
  • inkjet prints
  • photo copies
  • puzzles
  • note cards
  • documents
  • even some fabrics and canvas!

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